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Thursday, August 12, 2004

New feline shopping fun

A new store has been opened featuring fun stuff for kitten, cat and animal lovers.

Monday, August 09, 2004

A kitten video gift for cat and animal lovers

Kitten Kommotion -A video gift for kitten, cat and animal lovers of all agesCat Gift highly recommends the entertaining, and educating kitten video, "Kitten Kommotion".

This video features 7 adorable and playful kittens as they play, wrestle, and explore.

Most of the scenes are full of greatly kitty action, but there are sweet segments when the kitten stars rest and snooze to the relaxing sounds of gentle guitar. Our favorite scenes include kittens and balloons, baskets, and bags. But hands down, our favorite are the two "Kitty Kat Attack" scenes when the kittens wrestle with hilarious cartoon sound effects.

Animal lovers of all ages will enjoy this video, from your grandpa to the youngest grandchild. We rate this kitten video "Five Paws" (out of five)!

Watch the trailer featured on the Kitten Kommotion Website.

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